The UPBSN was established in 1978 with the mission of preserving the health and productivity of land resources in a sustainable manner, and to protect, rehabilitate, and regenerate all potentially cultivable lands.

The UPBSN is responsible for the overall supervision of the UPSLRP project and acts as a facilitator between the beneficiaries and the world bank in achieving the best possible results in the agriculture sector.with the growing emphasis on the agro-based economy using the latest technological advancements, the UPBSN is making an all out effort to take the advantage of the technology and achieve the targets.
    Reclamation  of  sodic lands and prevention of further sodicity of land, by  
Utilization of appropriate soil reclamation technology
Remodeling and maintenance of main drains
Strengthening agricultural research and extension activities
Mobilization of the  communities, and 
Strengthening key institutions involved in soil reclamation activities

Strengthen local institutions with strong beneficiary participation and NGO support.

Contribute towards poverty alleviation of families managing sodic lands.

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