A On-Farm Development and Land Treatment  
About 130,000 ha of sodic lands
Mobilization of village communities
Detailed mapping and classification of sodic lands
Formation of water user groups (WUGs)
on-farm development through land-leveling, bunding, and linking field drains to link and main drains
Provision of shallow tube-wells to help in reclamation operations and provide irrigation
Application of chemical/organic amendments and plant nutrients to the soil
Cultivation of rice-wheat-green manure crop.
A pilot on ravine reclamation covering an area of about 5,000 ha would also be included under this component. The pilot will follow a watershed development approach, focusing on in situ moisture conservation, local water harvesting, reducing soil erosion, improving natural vegetation, and enhancing crop and livestock productivity.
Improvement of Drainage Systems
About 5,700 km of the drainage network would require rehabilitation
Re-modeling and rehabilitation of main drains
Maintenance of main drains
Training and capacity building of Uttar Pradesh Bhumi Sundar Nigam (UPBSN) and Irrigation Department (ID) staff on technical and management aspects, and training of WUGs for appropriate O&M of drainage network.
Agriculture Support Services
Training farmers in effective land and water management practices
Dissemination of improved agricultural technology and production practices through on-farm demonstrations
Support for livestock production, including dairy development and small ruminants as appropriate
Exposure visits, farmer fairs, animal health camps and other “means” for rural communication and outreach
Training and capacity building of line department staff and other relevant providers of support services to farmers.
Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building for Market Access
Mobilization and capacity building of community based institutions like SHGs and producer groups (PGs)
Support to cluster level producer groups for productive assets
Investment support for productive assets
Improving rural market infrastructure
Organization of innovation forums.
Project Management:    
Establishing and supporting project units at the state and district levels
Creating a project monitoring, evaluation, and learning system to regularly inform project staff and stakeholders of progress and processes
Engaging the services of an external Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) agency to track project progress and confirm reporting from the project system
technical assistance to improve implementation and nurture innovations in that regard
Liaising with project partner organizations, support organizations, external professional agencies and the World Bank
Documentation of project experience and its dissemination to the wider development community.
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