Infrastructure Development
So far 10930 Tubewell developed and PumpSets added on these new boring  and already existing borings without pumpsets.
124Tube well energised.
46890 ha. additional irrigation potential created
887 SIC maintenance account opened.  Amount deposited Rs. 17.28 lacs. out of which Rs. 9.12 lacs have been utilised for maintenance of Link Drains.
2508 Km. Link Drain constructed.
Value of reclaimed sodic lands has increased
5570 Km. Field Drain constructed
2463 Km. Main Remodelled.
    Social Output
Beneficiary profile: Total 155892, SM/MF 147259 (94%), SC/ST 43586 (27%), BC 67797 (44%)
About 62795 beneficiaries benefited by 25366 ha. land allotment.
15949 WUG formed which are functional
2166 WSHG formed which saved Rs 155.54 lakhs
1618 WSHGs linked with banks and they availed Cash Credit Limit of Rs. 358.45lakhs.
WSHG loaned Rs. 476.54 lakhs . (Inter loaning)
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